WordPress Talks: Speeding Up How You Manage WordPress With WP-CLI

Please join us for our regular First Tuesday Meetup!

Come prepared to listen to a great talk!!!

In this talk, </a><a href=”https://www.meetup.com/Greenville-South-Carolina-WordPress-Group/members/2525078/”>Katherine Wakefield and Clifton Canady will explain what WP-CLI is and how to use it by showing you some everyday commands that you use in the admin of WordPress. By using the WP-CLI you will speed up your workflow and management of WordPress by leaps and bounds. We will teach you how to get WP-CLI running, and show some of our favorite time-saving features. Once you’ve started using WP-CLI, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

• We explain what WP-CLI is and how to use it.

• We will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of WP-CLI.

•  Show you at least 5 actions that you perform in the admin and how you can run a single command that will do the same thing.

• Will show you how to create a WordPress script file that will run several WP-CLI commands all at once.

Big thanks to our location sponsor Drum Creative! We will have a TV with Apple TV linked up for the meetup.

Located between Haywood Mall and the Downtown Greenville Airport: DrumCreative Map